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School of Birth INVICTA

School of Birth INVICTA in Gdansk.


At the Clinic INVICTA in Gdansk there has been a school of birth for numerous years. The classes are conducted by a qualified team consisting of a midwife, gynecologist specializing in the field of obstetrics and psychology. Future mothers from the 30th week and their partners can participate in the classes at the school of birth.


The classes include the following:

> Breathing during labor
> Relaxation and massage
> Methods of coping with contractions
> Advise on hospital choice
> Getting familiarized with delivery bed
> Aspects of infant care
> Lectures on natural and artificial feeding


Contact us

Złota 6, tel. +48 22 892 93 60

Rajska 10, tel. +48 58 585 88 09